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Below, I have written a review of the most effective male enhancement exercises programs that offer great value to people looking for Sexual Enhancement and to Increase their Penis Size. There are so many different male enhancement products on the market but almost all of them lack the quality, support, or efficiency to actually produce the results they claim. This is why I have selected for you the best male enhancement penis exercises programs available today to help you to make an educated choice.

Every guy knows Size Does Matter so it’s time to embark on a quest to make your penis bigger and experience the total sexual enhancement guaranteed by the best program. Trust me, I have tried it all.

I have completed dozens of programs until I found ones that actually work. So, I would rather share this information and save men who come after me the time and frustration in spending money and time on something that doesn’t work. I have extensively reviewed each and every program listed below and can tell you with confidence how they match up to each other.

Remember, I know what works and what doesn’t; I hope you find this information helpful.


Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises Programs Reviewed by
Someone Who Has Been There


Company: PenisHealth™
Rank: #1
Cost: Online access: $49.95; Ultimate Edition: $69.95 (DVD included)
Guarantee: 100% 180 Day Money Back
Description: This unique penis enlargement exercise program, offered exclusively by PenisHealth™, GUARANTEES the best possible results in male enhancement including: A bigger penis, harder and longer erections, ability to last longer, and ability to experience more explosive orgasms.

PenisHealth™ is the only Male Enhancement Exercise Program proven to work through clilical studies. No other penis exercises program come close to providing a routine as effective as PenisHealth™.

In addition, I really like the The PenisHealth™ Budget Package. With this package, you only pay a $49.95 one time fee and you get a clinically-supported enlargement exercises program. This is definitely something you should pay attention to!

Another great benefit to PenisHealth program is the VIP Member forum – a good place to share your experiences, ask questions and learn from others. Do not forget the forum is checked and moderated by medical professionals in the field.

And, last but not least, all PenisHealth orders are billed and shipped discreetly. After purchasing the DVD, the package you receive is 100% discreet and unmarked. I, myself, understand the importance of being confident of discretion when ordering something like this.

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Company: Penisaccess™ owned by X4Labs™
Rank: #2
Cost: $69.95
Guarantee: 90 Day Money Back
Description: Being one of the latest male enhancement exercises programs on the market today, Penisaccess has become the #1 choice for men around the world. Although it is not as effective as PenisHealth, it is still said to work great. Some of the advanced exercises are missing because they are exclusive to PehisHealth. Because of this, Penisaccess does not match up to PenisHealth. In addition, this program costs just as much as PenisHealth and it does not offer online access only.

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Penis Development™

Company: Penis Development™
Rank: #3
Cost: $98.95
Guarantee: Not Determined.
Description: Penis Development™ looks like a good program and has an attractive package. But, let me try to explain why you should not buy it.

Firstly, Penis Development is the most expensive program on the market today. This could be a marketing ploy to make consumers believe it has a higher price because it is more effective than the others. Although this could be the case, let me just come out and say that this program is not worth $98.95.

One of the signs you should look for in a quality product is the money back guarantee. ALL good products on the market these days come with a money back guarantee. And, how can you find out if Penis Development offers a money back guarantee? Simply visit their website to look for their policy. You should find something about the guarantee of the product and it will most likely be written in a small font size - this is not the way a trusted seller operates.

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Penile Secrets™

Company: Penile Secrets ™
Rank: #4
Cost: $49.95
Guarantee: 6 Months Money Back
Description: Penile Secrets is a Digital Product you can purchase through Click Bank. Although some may believe $50 for an e-Book is a good deal, my personal advice is to not waste your time and hard earned money on a simple PDF file. I really do not understand how one can make their penis bigger by reading an e-Book. But, as always, fell free to check this penile enlargement program and make the decision for yourself.

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Penis Advantage™

Company: Penis Advantage™
Rank: #5
Cost: $49.95
Guarantee: 8 Week Money Back
Description: Penis Advantage (another Digital Product from Click Bank) is almost the same as Penile Secrets (look at their website's headers - I suspect both of them are made from the same person). Penis Advantage offers an e-Book that includes advice on how you can make your penis bigger. I am not able to determine which one of these two programs (the e-Books offered through Penile Secrets and Penis Advantage) is better because both of them do not meet the expectations how a real penis enlargement program should be built.

Please note: this product comes with an 8 week money back guarantee only.

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